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Freestyle Team

Allan Wayne semmont JR    
              age:  26 // years riding: 12
location: Glen Burnie, Maryland 
sponsors: Kyatic Tattoo, Kingcityclothing, time2shinebmx pro team, 
               your mom
injuries: acl tear, broken leg, knocked out several time lost some teeth,                                                          stitches.
favorite spots: 495 trails, Charmcity Skatepark, DC street
what got you into riding: A friend of mine in early high school was good and I was hooked from the start 
plans for 2014: Travel to Flordia, film everything, get some jam and contest in for the shop, and def a lot more trails 
special thanks: Terry at Kyatic Tattoo, Matt and Sabrina at Time2Shine for treating me so good even though im a diva on my bike hahah, Jason at Charmcity for letting me build random ramps. mom and dad for being RAD AS hell through it all.. thanks to hot chicks that come to skateparks always makes me ride better hahahahah

 Jordan Prince    
              age:  18 // years riding: 5
location: Clay, PA 
sponsorsI ride for Time2Shine, Psyclo Apparel, and Grindlab Skatepark.
injuries: I've had 45 concussions, 26 broken bones, 3 fake teeth, busted             spleen, punctured stomach from bars, dislocated shoulder and elbow, torn LCL, and several sprained ankles.
favorite spots: favorite spots: would be Grindlab Skatepark, the Incline Club, Portland, OR street, and Harrisburg street. My buddy Zach Dunn got me into riding with his awesome ramps in his driveway on an old General Lee. 
plans for 2014: My plans for 2014 are to ride as much as I can, travel as much as I can, make some sweet edits, do lots of shows, go to a bunch of contests, stay healthy, and to be a good role model to the future of BMX.
special thanks: I'd like to thank my sponsors, Time2Shine, Psyclo Apparel, and Grindlab Skatepark for everything they've done for me. Brian Cunningham, Jason Rodrigues, Matt Still, and Keith King for letting me do shows for them. Mike Fede for being such and awesome friend and for helping me out all the time. All the 717 family dudes, all of the Grindlab Crew, and King City BMX dudes. I'd lastly like to thank my mom for supporting me and putting up with me for the past 5 years.

Kyle Wescott    
              age:  27 // years riding: 11
sponsors: Time2Shine BMX Bike Shop Kingcity Co Apparel. Hellonwheels Stunt Shows
injuries: 2 torn ACL's 1 broken tibia and fibula, broken teeth , several concussions, 3rd degree separation of my left clavicle and 2nd degree separation right clavicle . Eight inch plate and nine pins in right ankle and fibula.
favorite spots: Woodward, Philadelphia street, Baltimore
special thanks: I want to thank Allan Semmont for the opportunity to ride for king city if it weren't for this opportunity I wouldn't be riding for the best BMX mail order shop in the country Time2Shine pro BMX shop. Matt & Sabrina at time2shineprobmx shop thank you so much for the opportunity and support in riding the past few years I couldn't be happier riding for another shop you are family and I am great full for every thing you do for me and the team. Thank you!!!! Lastly I want to thank all my friends and family who have supported me and pushed me to do more in life!

 Jared Heitzman    
              age:  15 // years riding: 3
location: Tabernacle, New Jersey
sponsorsTime2Shine BMX
injuries: Fractured my leg a couple months ago
Favorite spots: Both of my locals Blackdiamond Philly Skatepark and The Incline Club Skatepark
what got you into riding: A bunch of my friends in my neighborhood did it so I eventually goy into it with them and I just stuck with the sport.
plans for 2014: I want to finish my newest edit that is coming out and start traveling more and more to contests and new places.
special thanks: To Matt over at Time@shine he's been supporting me a lot over at the shop, also wanna thank my parents for all that they do for me with the sport.

Kenny Rosenblatt    
              age:  15 // years riding: 2
location: Westampton, NJ 
sponsors: Time2Shine BMX
injuries: Nothing major.

favorite spots: My local skateparks Black Diamond and the incline Club, also Woodward Camp in the summer.
what got you into riding: I saw X-Games on TV and it interested and intrigued me so much I started to ride and get my friends into it.
plans for 2014: To travel to more contests and start on my new Time2Shine web video
special thanks: I would really want to thank Matt over at Time@shine for always hooking me up and keeping my bike looking and feeling fresh.

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